HTB Professional Training
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nicu 01Are you endlessly giving? Over extended? Maybe even burned out? Are you overwhelmed by the tremendous need of parents when babies are in neonatal intensive care? Do you get upset when your tiny patients experience setbacks and longer hospital stays? When setbacks occur, you often become the target of anger for frustrated families. Patients' physical needs take precedence over emotional needs. Of course, your own physical and emotional needs often come last, if at all.

Did you know that babies who are separated from their parents for extended periods of time have a higher risk of mental health issues later in life?

There is a crucial element missing in Family-Centered Care. Learn the Principles of Infant-Centered Compassionate Care, along with the Healing Touch for Babies techniques.

The goals we help you to accomplish:

  • increased capacity to manage stressors.
  • greater emotional comfort and peace of mind resulting from your own self-care.
  • more enriching relationships with parents by empowering their involvement in a way that supports their baby on all levels.
  • increased work satisfaction in knowing how to relate to and communicate with babies in a more meaningful way.

What makes this professional training unique:

  • Most people focus on the physical dynamics of healthcare, and not the emotional, mental or spiritual aspects, nor on the empowerment or transformational potential.
  • You will discover the intrinsic value of connectivity, first for yourself, to strength your own empowerment, then to more easily support parent empowerment.

doctor babyHealing Touch for Babies provides nurses, healthcare workers, and others who work with babies, a unique, in-depth experience of understanding their patients on a deeper level. HTB fills in the gaps of the principles of family-centered care, by exploring the consciousness of newborns and their perceptions, and how you can support them to have the best start in life. For those in the NICU, much can be done to minimize the trauma and drama that they endure, along with their parents and the pain of separation.

We teach cutting edge research that illustrates the principles of pre and perinatal psychology, plus the fundamentals of the human energy system and how to promote healing by using techniques approved by the Healing Touch Program, that have been adapted to the needs of infants.

During the workshop, you learn the techniques, and experience the benefits of receiving them. You also learn techniques that enhance your own well being. You will find that by using these simple practices, your level of stress will decrease, thereby making your work life more meaningful, more manageable.

Enjoy a new level of being present and an increased capacity for compassion! Your state of being will affect all those around you, who will find your mere presence therapeutic. You become a true role model of healing. Since babies are so sensitive, you will help them to release the trauma held in their cells by the separation they experience from their parents, because your deeper connection to their needs makes them feel respected and safe.

In summary,


This professional training will not only renew you as a person, but also transform your nursing care.


You will learn how to communicate with babies on a deeper level.

You will be able to transform stress into compassion.

You will empower parents to meet the deeper needs of their babies.

You will know how to give healing treatments to babies and their parents with love and safety.