HTB for Grandmothers
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grandmaBecoming a grandmother is life-changing. Some women have the story book happily ever after family. Most however do not. Perhaps you want to be more involved but your daughter is holding you at bay. You have so much wisdom to share but they want to do it their own way. Maybe it is a high risk pregnancy and everyone is worried. You might already be in the experience of having a grandchild in the Neonatal Intensive Care, and everyone is feeling helpless and seeking support and solutions.

What can you do? A lot!

The whole foundation for Healing Touch for Babies (HTB) is to give babies their best start in life. Stunning research reveals that buried wounds and unresolved issues from the past are transmitted to future generations as cellular memory stored in the body. The good news is that healing can happen at any time.

HTB contains rich concepts from the new field of pre and perinatal psychology and health. Case studies show that once healing occurs in a family, it is passed on to future generations.

The HTB experience for grandmothers is empowering, and the ultimate spiritual childbirth preparation for all concerned.

Most, if not all, parents have regrets about their parenting. I have witnessed the transformation of hundreds of mothers and grandmothers who have taken my workshop. What I have found is that grandmothers are a crucial part of the family. When you take care of yourself, you can better take care of your family. During the workshop you will discover an expanded perspective of the past and any burden of guilt that you might be carrying gets resolved. Your healing can create a new level of freedom in your family for years to come.

You will also learn how to create healing for your family members with practices taught in the class. These practices will empower you, and help you to protect the "heart" of your family.


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In Summary

What I can promise you:

That this workshop will be life-changing in how you see your own children and grandchildren. That you will have the opportunity to heal how you feel about your own mistakes (or seeming mistakes), and reach a deep level of self-forgiveness. That you will be able to great a healing presence for your family by holding the space for them as they grow at their own rate. That you will be instrumental in understanding your precious grandchildren and support and nurture them as they grow.