Frequently Asked Qustions About Healing Touch for Babies (HTB)
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Does HT for Babies only focus on the baby?

The October 4, 2010 issue of Time Magazine featured their cover story of the new field of Fetal Origins. This was in response to crucial evidence that the first nine months of life in the womb really do matter. Studies show that the template of health and intelligence - both emotional and mental - have already been created by birth. This is daunting information for our stressful, speed-driven society.

It is imperative that expectant mothers realize the ramifications of this information, and start to focus on relaxation and self care. We must help them see that this is the ultimate investment in the future of their child. New moms need to know that stress can markedly affect the baby while in utero. Healing Touch sessions during pregnancy can prepare them for a more optimum birth with less complications. It can help create a healthy template that will have a lifelong on their babies' well being.


Is Healing Touch (HT) safe to do on babies?

HT techniques are gentle and can do no harm. There are no contraindications. Healing Touch can even work on babies still in the womb. When a mom is relaxed, her body is providing optimum growth and development for her baby. She protects her unborn baby from stress, and both mom and baby benefit. Babies are very receptive to energy-medicine because of their sensitive nature. Their systems are full of life because they are growing and constantly changing. If a baby has experienced birth trauma or complications requiring medical care, HT can enhance their recovery process tremendously.


How does it work on babies?

Healing Touch for Babies (HTB) clears and balances the energy system so the baby's body can self-heal. The stress of birth, especially if there are complications can be minimized by using simple healing techniques that allow the body to relax, accelerating the recovery process: actually, for both mom and baby. When the energy system flows properly, the body is then able to thrive in a way that is inherent to health and wholeness


What are the benefits of HTB?

  • It provides optimum growth and development in the womb.
  • It relaxes a pregnant mom who is transitioning into motherhood.
  • It reduces stress and anxiety in both mother and child.
  • It enhances the bonding process and deepens the connection between parent and child.
  • It speeds the recovery from the normal rigors of labor and delivery.
  • It hastens recovery from birth complications, especially when there is surgical intervention.
  • It promotes wellness of the newborn.


Can parents learn how to do Healing Touch on their babies?

At the Healing Touch for Babies parents workshop, they learn simple treatments for their babies. It not only creates optimum health and vitality for life, but also the opportunity to cultivate a deeper connection and emotional intimacy for all family members. Moms and dads who have come to the class have enjoyed the heart centered aspect of healing. They also have noticed that it enriches their parenting skills.


Is there a minimum age for the babies to receive an HTB treatment?

Because Healing Touch techniques are so gentle, and can do no harm, there is no age limit. Healing Touch can even work on babies still in the womb. When a mom is relaxed, her body is providing optimum growth and development for her baby. She protects her unborn child from the damaging effects of stress, so both mom and baby benefit.