Your Baby Remembers - Book
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The book:

Your Baby Remembers BookThis book is relevant for anyone who has given birth, even though it is addressed primarily to pregnant and new moms! By reading this book, you can re-frame regrets, and learn to hold the future in your hands.

Start now - it is never too late to create healing!

Give your baby the best start in life! Learn new skills that will help you withstand the complexity of our times, and keep your family thriving. The seeds you plants during pregnancy will blossom into a rich life for you and your children for years to come. Learning prenatal bonding will empower you and help you transition into motherhood. This book contains the ultimate spiritual childbirth preparation material, to help you focus on the essential miracle of life. You hold the future in your hands. Cherish your most precious asset!


Your baby remembers.... do you?

"Your Baby Remembers will hopefully be required reading for every pregnant woman and parents of infants. From the unique perspective of her years spent in Neonatal Intensive Care, this compassionate and intuitive nurse has written a work of art from her heart. This book is filled with practical and insightful suggestions for caring and connecting with your baby. Rita Kluny provides mothers with a wonderful gift - a 21st century guide to creating an exceptional start in life for their children." Dr. Rob Ivker, Co-founder and Past President of American Board of Integrative Holistic Medicine, Past President of American Holistic Medical Association

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